Has it really been 9 days since I last wrote? It feels much shorter.

I've spent the majority of time this past week watching anime. "Death Note" and "Attack on Titan." And reading their respective mangas and watching OVAs and spin-off mangas. I'm sad I willfully ignored an entire culture for so long. It feels very much like the animation world is a push and pull between Japan and the West as a whole. For me right now, Japan is winning. CAN AN ASIAN BE A WEEABOO?? HOW ABOUT A HALF ASIAN?

I've been talking to A LOT of people this past week. Staying up late at school with Bree and Ameesha, and sometimes Nathan F. and Nathan M. New friends. Dylan talks endlessly, but at least it's interesting. Thomas is often in the background, piping too, I've been talking more with. In a weird way, I'm intimidated by him, because