I figure I should write in this since it's been a week since my last entry. But really, not much has happened.

I'm nearly done with my intro!! I mean, I still have the ENTIRE rest of the game, but my intro animation is nearly done. I've saved the absolute hardest scene for last. On Thursday night, Bree organized a potluck allnighter, and Sabrina and Ameesha were in attendance, as was Nathan F., though he left early. It was a productive evening filled with jokes and food and animation. I realized that I hadn't done any character animation in LITERALLY a year, and Bree and Sabrina are so much better than me—it's inspiring, really, to see what they can do. It took me a minute to quell my negative instinct and instead write a positive note.

On Wednesday, after Collaboration, me, Bree, Sabrina, and Alex went to the MOA for "research." Our research consisted of 15 minutes photographing the carousel from various angles, and 4 hours of smelling candles, admiring furniture, and fucking around in Hot Topic. I kind of love Hot Topic. If I was a teenager now, I would definitely shop there. It's full of alt-pop culture products. My jam. But anyway, that was a very fun bonding experience. The three of us have fun together, I think.

Apart from that, nothing has happened. I watched the first few episodes of Attack on Titan today. THAT was amazing. Oh, god, today, while I was walking on Nicollet to get food, some random scrappy dude pointed at me and said, "Hey, you're super beautiful." SUPER beautiful. Guess what I looked like today? I'll describe it for posterity: my Endeavor tshirt (worn, at this point, 4 times without washing), my green Forever 21 sweatshirt, my black velvet skirt, New Balance sneakers, and glasses. No makeup. Havn't showered in 3 days. And I was walking with Ameesha, who looked really lovely today—I think she likes to doll herself up only on weekends, when she has time. Anyway, that was bizarre, and I ran away immediately after he told me. I hyperventilated a bit in the Jamaican place. Spilled water on myself as I was drinking from a cup. My anxiety was through the roof. So strange.

Earlier today, I FINALLY met up with the programmer that Lorawai connected me with. He was really nice—reminded me a bit of Alex, but a Hufflepuff instead of a Slytherin. (I know how lame this categorization is, but I CAN'T HELP THINKING THIS WAY, IDK WHY THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME.) But.....he asked for $1600. I'm going to see if MCAD can sponsor me, because if not, I'm going to have to ask for A LOT less. I really don't think he'll need 20 hours a week for two months to work on this, but who knows? Honestly, I'd be happy with a well-done prototype in time for graduation. It doesn't have to be completely finished. We met at Dunn Brothers, and I got a coffee. It was delicious. I always forget how subpar the cafeteria coffee is until I try acutal legit coffee from a pretentious cafe. Though I don't think Dunn Brothers is pretentious.

The 48 hour film fest has been organized, and a promotional plan is in place. I'm so excitedddddddddddddd. Nathan M. is designing the poster—he was surprisingly gung-ho for it. Two freshmen are taking care of the food budget. Another freshman organized a group activity that we'll be doing next week. Should be fun. I'm enjoying the club more than I did at the beginning of the semester.

I also went to the Video Game Design Club meeting today, because there was a lecturer. The first half of the presentation was really interesting—all about ludonarrative, which is ludology and narratology, which are the respective studies of games and stories, and all about their dissonant or resonant interaction. Interesting stuff. But the second half of the presentation was soooooo boring, because it was just the dude talking about the game that he was making, but he didn't show us like any assets, and nothing's been completed yet, and he went on and on and it felt completely irrelevant because it was like a PITCH or something, I don't know, but he was presenting it to 4 scrappy students. I don't even know. But uh besides that...it was cool. He's a student from the U. I thought he was 30. But when I found out that he was a student, I could also see hims as a 22 year old. He has that kind of face/physical composition.

Last week, I went to the Jamaican place with Sorie. It was cute. The Jamaican place is my new fave—their patties are delicious. LOVE THOSE PATTIES.

B finished the outline for his new book!! It's insanity. He's crafting himself as the next great literary figure. And all I can do it stand next to him, watching and waiting for someone else to notice his work. I'm his hype-woman.

I haven't seen Carlos in two-ish weeks. I'll be hanging with him and Katie next week, though.

I also got connected with a musician from McNally-Smith. We're meeting next week. She said that she liked my "intentionally messy style." MY style isn't intentionally messy. So I guess she likes my unintentionally messy style...I'll take it.

And now for another week of working!!!!!! AHHHHHH. I slept 12 hours last night. On Friday I napped for 4 hours after class. Wish I had something more interesting to say. I have no interpersonal drama, alas.