Art history. I love the class. I'm very inspired. Contemporary culture is so overrated. Long live the Greeks.

Read a book over lunch.

Then, my collab class. I've realized that being a leader means that you are not the best but you have the best taste and are the most just and diplomatic. I streamline competency and assign roles. Everything else I make is mediocre. Later, I told class friends about my mom eating placenta in China. We don't know how good we have it.

Went to IGDATC. We had to leave a girl behind, which was awkward. She sounded sad over the phone. Good thing she doesn't know what I look like. Saw my old friend from Chinese school — the girl with the long hair, dyed rainbow at the tips. She is chill. IT and Marketing grad from the U. At first I called her Sandra, which I now realize was wrong. Feel guilty I can't remember her name. We didn't exchange contact information. Her friends were tall. I was greasy and ate four slices of pizza. For breakfast, I had grilled cheese. And for lunch, a bowl of cafeteria mac and cheese slop.

B got drunk today and made friends with all his professors. All the upperclassmen know him as the dude with the scholarship. He's surrounded by beautiful women, apparently. But he says they aren't. He has historicaly had bad taste, though.

Now I am here, typing on a dying laptop. I am many days behind schedule. I did not find anyone to program my game for me. I am in dire need of a programmer. I am fucked. My storyboard isn't finished. Nor are my character designs. What have I done since last week? Hardly anything. It's all coming to an end. Too quickly, and not quickly enough. My back is killing me. I probably ate over 2000 calories today. WHAT A WASTE OF NUTRITION. I NEED VEGETABLES AND FRUITS.

Oh, god. And this presenter. I'm too tired to type this here. I will attach a screenshot at a later date: