I pretty much just worked the whole day. I've been not eating a LOT of food but I've been eating BAD food, more frequently than I'd like.

Yesterday was more interesting. I showed what little work I've done for my animation to my senior project class, and, surprisingly, my teacher really seemed to like it. At least, she seemed to like the idea of me making a game. It was nice to have the support, nevertheless. There were some really, really ridiculously cool stories that students were doing, and — though people might say this every year — I really think this year might have some of the best animation to come out of MCAD in years.

A few students seemed to be concerned for me. Euphemistically referring to the mountain of work I have to conquer in 15 weeks (less, now). "Ambitious," "I hope you can finish it," etc. Many in the past few days have mentioned Hubert Milford, my Theif and the Cobbler. Many enjoyed my film, my unfinished opus. I think I will try to finish it this semester, before I leave MCAD forever. Sever the limb from the joint, bleeding out from uncauterized arteries.

But, uh. I worked a bunch. Then, I met up with a few people to go to Minnanimate. Funny story: the screening started at 6, but I thought it started at 6:30 (ha ha), and we got there at 6:45, so by the time we arrived the student screening was entirely OVER, but — fear not — my friends still got the chance to see me shine in the spotlight (literally) because there was a Q&A! Most alumni I knew weren't there, so it was mostly high school students. 14 year olds. How lucky they are to have participated in this. I saw Lea Redding, which was weird. I also saw Deacon! Come to think of it, I saw a lot of acquaintances, including the guy from the Volt Studios meeting last week. It was a bit awkward, as he is so much larger and taller than me that he couldn't hear me greet him or say goodbye to him. I was just, like, an awkward blade of grass at his feet. No, that's a terrible metaphor.

I was also invited into a feminist art festival. I had a few random people come up to me and say that they liked my film. I even saw Margaret, who was supposed to come to the MCAD studio today, but she didn't show up, but also maybe I wasn't there at the right time. It's all a mystery to me. It was nice to see them, though — I wish we could have been in classes together.

After the festival I went back and worked more on my thing. The fiery knot is once again coming to life. I can feel it burning through the sinews of my muscles, tangling all the fibers into something impossible, physically inconceivable. Like one of those Escher triangles. Just, no hope for a return to my normal state. If I am to be an animator (or have a job at a desk in general), I'll need to fix the underlying cause of my terrible back problem, because, at this rate, I'll be incapacitated by 25.

I was planning on seeing Fantastic Planet tonight, but I was so tired and didn't want to go. Honestly, I don't know if I want to go tomorrow, either — I may just watch it online with Brian, or by myself. Oh, how I love to watch movies and television.

I am falling asleep. It's been a long week. I am in charge of too many things and am overwhelmed by it all Too many random acquaintances. Too many things to go to and people to see and life experiences to be enriched by.

My body disintegrates.