Today was productive, and my entry will be short. In the morning I set up a table at the club fair — my first at MCAD. I had two hot dogs and four cookies. A few students signed up for our group. It's going to be scrappy AF, but I guess since I'm de facto leader I have to take responsibility for our failures (and our successes). My legacy at MCAD will be the 48 hour film festival, which WILL HAPPEN, for sure, 100%. We have a lot of seemingly overzealous animation-major freshmen, so hopefully we'll have a lot of participants.

I think Kelsey and I are friends now. We have a good time together and we pat each other on the arm a lot.

Carlos and Katie did not reply today. I will probably see the blue aliens movie with Ameesha on Friday. Should be a good time.

After the fair, I worked for most of the day in the animation studio. Finished half of my intro storyboard and my collaboration character design. I also did some handdrawn typography stuff — pretty proud of what I did with that, even though it was mostly productive procrastination.

It's nice to have friends here. I wish I stayed at a school for four years instead of transferring, though. Friendships are the foundation of my sanity and happiness, which is a bit pathetic because I'm clearly not self-sufficient, but it is how it is. I am much happier to work when I am surrounded by equally hard workers who I can also chat with from time to time.

Tomorrow will hopefully be productive, too. I'm feeling much better about my seinor project. It'll be more of an interactive film than a game, I think. An interactive film with a lot of visible writing. Hopefully it's not a complete shitshow. I don't think it will be. The thing that B said, about his senior thesis feeling not at all like work because it was entirely his own creation — I can feel that finally starting to apply to me. And I hope to maintain this level of productivity and interest for the foreseeable future. The ultimate dream would be to also complete Hubert Milford before I graduate and thus present the world TWO final projects. That would be....A DREAM. I'll work towards that goal. ART SCHOOL IS FUN WHEN YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE DYING.