I did literally nothing for most of the day. Well, that's not true. I woke up early to go to school to move some things into my dorm – it's much larger than any I've had before, the floors are wood, and the rooms are filled with light. Unfortunately, it's on the third floor, and there's no elevator, so I will have to lug giant crates of stuff through two flights of carpeted stairs, then push my things to the end of the hallway to reach my room. I think I met one of my roommates, but she didn't say what her name was, so I can't be sure. Very confusing. I also saw some MCAD friends – this semester will be the semester of partying with MCAD friends...and, also, finishing all my shit and graduating. Whatever. I should get a Facebook, too.

THEN, I took a nap and did literally nothing for the rest of the day. Brian came over and we partied. He seems very sad and I think instead of dwelling on sadness tomorrow, his final day, I will try to be as cheery as possible and not mope. We are going to Buca tomorrow, because apparently his parents just can't get enough of me (no, not really – I think it's because they're using me as a way to get him to hang out with them, because I spice things up? I don't know).

The end of August and the beginning of September always leaves me feeling empty. School looms on the horizon, and the beautiful warm nights and pink and blues skies will soon be replaced by chilly winds and grey clouds, covering the sun. Fall isn't entirely bad, but change is difficult, especially when changing from an incredibly easy lifestyle (of laying around and fucking around) to something more productive and stressful. I am very much ready to be done. I think almost every entry so far has ended with me saying something like this.