Nothing remarkable happened beacuse I was in bed all day. I did finish the rest of "Stranger Things," which was okay. I wish I knew more about cool pop culture things, not just mukbangs and memes.

Carlos's band played tonight in Minneapolis, but I didn't go, obviously. Apparently they were good: classic, inoffensive scene pop. He arranged for the playdate to be tonight instead of tomorrow because even though I wouldn't be able to make it, it was Leanne's only free night, and since she is so rarely free Carlos prioritized her over me. But guess who ended up not going anyway? (No, of course I'm not bitter!)

Leanne sent us a photo of her overweight, middle-aged, Asian supervisor, and told me that I look exactly like her, and Carlos and Brian agreed. I am sorely offended. Perhaps I should lose weight. I think mashed potatoes, Danimals, protein shakes, and a sedentary lifestyle could help with that.